Mira is an experienced Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga teacher based in Kensington & Chelsea. She teaches at the most elite members’ clubs such as KX and Equinox and at the highly regarded Triyoga Chelsea and KXU. She also runs a select number of corporate classes and award winning retreats, including Bodhimaya (recipient of the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller Spa award 2015).

Her classes are invigorating, energizing and strengthening with a solid emphasis on alignment and proper posture for safety and full benefit of poses. The role of the breath is paramount and yoga philosophy and positive psychology is included as a foundational corner stone. Mental relaxation and connection to the present moment are established and maintained througout the class. 

Dedicated to providing an open and non-judgmental environment in class, she enables and supports every student's physical, mental and spiritual growth. Creative class sequences are ever changing, with seemless transitions and advanced variations for more experienced practitioners. Classes are challenging, encouraging student to reach their full potential.

Classes may also include pranayama techniques, yoga nidra, mindfulness practices and meditation. Modifications are included to cater to individual need, fitness level, flexibility, injury, or health related issues.