Develop. Grow. Achieve. Thrive. Flourish.

Mira is a London based Personal Development Coach, Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Writer. Her passion for realizing and maximising personal potential is evident in all her work.

Her coaching approach is insightful and motivational enabling each individual to develop, grow, achieve, and thrive. She encourages clients to build on their strengths, nurture fruitful and nourishing relationships, and effectively manage challenge through reinforcing their resilience. She empowers people to engage fully in meaningful and purposeful lives and facilitates the accomplishment of their ambitions and goals. Cultivating positive traits such as courage, gratitude, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and wisdom in decision making further allows her clients to move towards happiness and fulfilment.  

Mira teaches a number of yoga classes in Central and West London. Her energetic and invigorating yoga style seamlessly transitions alignment-based breath-led asanas through creative sequences. She is authentic and grounded, yet playful and light, poetically threading her knowledge of psychology with classical yoga philosophy to support and promote her students' physical health and mental wellbeing. Mira's classes are positive and inspiring. She is enthusiastic about personal growth both on the mat... and off.